Three things readers want and don’t want from self-help books

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A recent study identifies the three things readers dislike the most about self-help books and what they would like to find in an ideal publication. Franz-Philippe Przybyl aka FPP has used these findings to craft a new personal development guide “PowerStart – How to kick off your day and energize your life” catered to the wishes of the readers.

Some of the most popular genres of non-fiction literature are self-help or personal development books. Many people turn to those books for advice and guidance in their lives. But what differentiates a good book from a bad book in the minds of the readers?

Get in Charge Publishing conducted a survey with 300 participants in the US to find out what readers most dislike in self-help books and what they would ideally like to find in such a book.

A majority of 61% of the respondents has already read at least one self-help or personal development book. The three most disliked points about self-help books are:

A. It tells you what to do, but leaves out the how: 64%
B. It offers a one-size-fits-all solution: 62%
C. It promises a quick fix: 59%

What readers don't like

When asked “What is important to you in a good self-help book?” the three most common responses were:

A. It offers specific guidance: 73%
B. It caters to their personal situation: 73%
C. There are many specific exercises: 44%

What readers like about self-help books

Interestingly only 11% of the respondents said that it was important to them that the author is well known.

This confirms the assumptions of Franz-Philippe Przybyl aka FPP, the author of the new personal development guide “PowerStart – How to kick off your day and energize your life”. When writing this book he focused on the reader’s view. Franz-Philippe points out: “One of my key objectives was to not only describe WHAT needs to be done, but also HOW to do it.".

He read many personal development books, attended seminars and experienced coaching sessions himself. He is an entrepreneur who went from zero to hero in a few years, down to zero, and back up again. Over the years more and more people asked him how he had done this and who were delighted when he shared his experiences and learnings. His unique style attracted their attention and they said that he should teach what they just heard. This was the birth of the idea to "PowerStart - How to kick off your day and energize your life".

PowerStart - The Book

FPP started asking himself why there were times when he was bursting with energy and other periods when anything and everything was almost insurmountably hard to do? He combined his own personal insights with in depth research and distilled the most important factors for more energy in your life. He calls them the eight Essentials of Success. The Essentials of Success are like the genes of your life. They are the building blocks to be happier and more fulfilled.

The book elaborates on these Essentials of Success and helps the reader to identify what they exactly mean to her. "I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so I was looking to adapt my findings to every reader's individual circumstances", says Franz-Philippe.

One day is not only a metaphor for your life - from dusk till dawn and from birth to death – but also a real mini version of your life. Consequently, how you start your day determines how you lead your life. This is why Franz-Philippe created the P.O.W.E.R. Loop - a process to empower everybody to create the perfect and bespoke powerful morning ritual, which he named PowerStart.

The book contains more than forty different exercises for the reader and is full of checklists, guidelines, and practical tips. It is not only a book for pure reading but also a workbook to be used again and again which provides ongoing value to the reader.


This is what other people are saying about “PowerStart – How to kick off your day and energize your life”

  • Jack Canfield, Coauthor of The Chicken Soup of the Soul and the Success Principles: “This book is full of useful advice, based on solid research, to create greater levels of energy, success and fulfillment”.
  • Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling Happy for No Reason: “A powerful change-maker, this book offers tips, tools and exercises for unlocking your greatest potential”.
  • Brian Tracy, author of Maximum Achievement: “This book is loaded with practical ideas that you can use immediately to unlock more of your potential and achieve more of your goals”
  • Kathleen Seely, founder of Massively Human Leadership: “Franz-Philippe has done his homework; this is a solid, proven and easy to use guide; a “must have” for anyone who is looking to transform their life”.

Author Bio

Franz-Philippe Przybyl aka FPP as hardly anybody is able to write or pronounce the name correctly, is a serial entrepreneur who has lived and worked in the United States, Germany, England, Hong Kong and Gabon. He built several multimillion-dollar companies, which got smashed in the burst of the dotcom bubble and global financial crisis. After that, due to all his successes and failures, he restarted from nothing and is now sharing his experiences with other people so that they can enjoy the upside without the downsides.  FPP has discovered that he has a unique ability to bridge different worlds by bringing together people, concepts, ideas and projects which would not normally intersect. This is why he wrote “PowerStart – How to kick off your day and energize your life”.

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For an interview with the author Franz-Philippe Przybyl, more background information and pictures, or a request for a review copy of the book please contact Get in Charge Publishing at press(at) The book is available as ebook, paperback and audiobook on Amazon.

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