Franz-Philippe "FPP" Przybyl

Franz-Philippe Przybyl, also known as “FPP” since only a few people are able to pronounce his name, is a husband and father residing in Berlin, Germany. A serial entrepreneur, he has lived and worked in the United States, Germany, England, Hong Kong, and Gabon. As an entrepreneur, he has built several companies from nothing to multi-million dollar turnover and profit within a few years. Through his successes and failures in business, FPP discovered he has a unique ability to bridge different worlds by bringing together people, concepts, ideas, and projects that would not normally intersect. His passion for connecting people in positive, productive ways was the initial spark that has ultimately fueled Get in Charge of Your Life and the book PowerStart.
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Online Training
Everybody, including you, has untapped resources within that only wait to be discovered and released. You are not the product of outside circumstances. You can have control over what happens to you in life. It is time that you get in charge of your life. Enjoy the benefits of our training from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Live Seminar

We offer a variety of different live seminars, coaching groups, tools, apps, books and online courses. We offer multimodal learning experiences addressing all senses. The formats are adapted to your needs and meet the different time and money budgets you might have. All are aimed at helping you to create an exceptional you. In contrast with other offerings we do not stop there but also help you to maintain your growth and energy level.

Speaking Engagements

You can book FPP as a keynote speaker or for a bespoke workshop in your organization. FPP can help your staff and the entire organization to take the next step in personal as well as organizational growth.