How to kick off your day and ENERGIZE your life.

Why are some people motivated,

energetic, and successful and others are not? What do successful and happy people do to be energetic and fulfilled? The answer is this: successful people know that one day is a mini-version of your life.

This book will show you the eight Essentials of Success in life and guide you through the process to create your own personal bespoke PowerStart™ - a powerful morning ritual - into the day.

In this book you will learn and find:

  • What are the 8 essentials of success?
  • Why the way you start a day determines your whole life
  • What are the ingredients for a PowerStart™ into the day?
  • How to implement your personalized PowerStart™
  • Many checklists, guidelines, exercises and templates
  • PowerStart™ challenge
About YOU and HOW to do it
I do not believe in the "one size fits all" approach. No single, magical recipe works for everybody. If any tool is going to work, it must be adapted to your needs and your circumstances. I have read many slef-help boos, attended seminars, and listened to tapes that excellently explain WHAT needs to be done, but the leave the HOW to you.
You and I both know this approach does not contribute to sustainable change. Rather than leave you to work out the HOW for yourself, I will show and guide you through the process of creating the perfect start to your day, ensuring you are well equipped for a motivated, energetic, and successful life.
A Workbook
PowerStart is all about action, so I encourage you to really use this book. Mark it: make notes, highlight, and circle. The more you work with it the more it will become ingrained in your brain. This also allows you to go back again for reference and to concentrate on the parts that are most important for you. I have included many exercises for you. They can be done independently from one another so you can go through them whenever you need to refresh or re-tool your personal routine.